Five reasons to buy a house in Puzhuthivakkam

Puzhuthivakkam lies in South Chennai and has popular localities like Madipakkam, Adambakkam, Velachery, Pallikaranai and Nanganallur as its neighbours. It is also known as Ullagaram-Puzhuthivakkam. The locality is only 5 kms from Chennai International airport. It came into the real estate map of Chennai primarily because of five reasons.

1) The real estate demand and hence the house prices in its neighbouring suburbs lie Pallikaranai, Velachery etc. kept increasing making Puzhuthivakkam comparatively affordable and yet close to all the action.

2) As Chennai city expanded Puzhuthivakkam got included in the Chennai corporation limits. Metro water and sewage line wok also got completed post its inclusion In Chennai city limits, which has given rise to many residential developments in the area.

3) As part of the second phase extension of the Chennai MRTS network Puzhuthivakkam will get its own MRTS station along the St. Thomas Mount to Chennai Beach station line. The proposed expansion line is currently under construction. The line was originally due to get operational in 2013 but it is still under construction.

4) Puzhuthivakkam has good bus connectivity. There are direct buses from here to Koyambedu, High Court, Chennai Central Railway Station, Guduvanchery, Sriperumbudur etc. The popular ‘small bus service’ also runs through the area connecting Guindy Race course bus stand to Velachery MRTS Railway Station.
5) The micro market also has good road connectivity. The 200 feet Pallavaram – Thoraipakkam road is in close proximity which provides easy access to both GST Road and IT corridor at OMR. Also the Medavakkam Main Road gives Puzhuthivakkam easy connectivity to Inner Ring Road.

For property seekers wanting to buy a house in Puzhuthivakkam, Vesta’s Sri Kanagadhara by Vestas Builder is a great choice. Located near Sivaprakasam Nagar in Puzhuthivakkam the residential complex offers 1/2/3 BHK units ranging from 607 to 1355 sqft. With an investment of 5300 per square feet a potential buyer can own a house in this ground plus two storeyed structure which is close to its completion stage. Vesta’s Sri Kanagadhara is due for possession in September 2016.

The project is within few kilometres distance from prime residential and commercial areas like Velachery, Nanganallur, Adambakkam, Guindy, Madipakkam etc. It is just few minutes’ drive from the airport, the famous Phoenix market city mall, Velachery MRTS Railway Station, Multi-Speciality Hospitals and popular schools like DAV.

Vesta’s Sri Kanagadhara offers all the basic amenities for its residents like Lift, Covered car Parking, Rain Water Harvesting, Vaastu Compliant, Borewell for Every Block,, Sump for Every Block, Over Head Tank for Every Block, Paved Driveway.

All and all Puzhuthivakkam is an affordable yet well connected south Chennai suburb which is ideal for families. All your daily needs like super market, hospitals, schools, banks, ATMs, malls, movie theatres etc. are well catered by this locality. Once the under construction MRTS station at Puzhuthivakkam gets operational the property prices in the area are expected to witness an escalation of over 15%. So this the best time to own a property in Puzhuthivakkam.

7 Ways: How to Pop A Dental Abscess By Yourself?

If you have an abscess in your mouth, you are likely going to be in a lot of pain. Not only that, but an abscess is putting your overall oral health at risk, so it’s best that you do whatever it takes to ensure that it doesn’t grow into a bigger problem. That being said, not many people like visiting the dentist just to have an abscess treated to. Instead, they’ll wait for days to see if it will go down or the swelling will subside. If you’ve waited and waited, but the abscess isn’t going anywhere, here are 7 ways that you can pop it on your own.

Get Your Tools Ready

The first thing that you’ll want to do to pop an abscess is get all of your tools ready. The tools that you’ll need include: a needle or another sharp instrument, hydrogen peroxide, sea salt, and even clove oil if you have it. This process is going to go fast, so you won’t want to be fumbling around trying to find the tools once you get started. Therefore, have everything laid out and ready to go so that you can move swiftly once you get started.

Sterilize Your Mouth

Once you have all the tools ready, you’ll want to sterilize your mouth. You can begin by brushing your teeth and giving the area around the abscess a good cleanse. In addition, you can use mouthwash or sea salt to help sterilize the area even more. Keep in mind that there is a lot of bacteria and germs floating around in your mouth. If those germs are still present once you pop the abscess, you could run the risk of getting an infection. This is why it’s important that you clean the area out and make it as sterile as possible before moving forward. After you have sterilized your mouth, consider applying clove oil if you have it. Clove oil will help to numb the area, which could help to reduce the pain of the procedure.

Wash Your Hands

Not only should you wash your mouth, but you should also make sure that your hands are clean as well. Part of the process will be putting your hands on the abscess, so you want to make sure that they aren’t dirty. If they are, then you again run the risk of getting an infection. If you have latex gloves, this is an even better option. But even if you don’t, be sure to clean your hands as best as you can.

Pop The Abscess

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to pop the abscess. To begin, take the needle and warm it up in boiling water. This will help to make sure that the needle is clean and ready to pop the area. Once it has been sterilized, then you can then poke the abscess in your mouth. This is when the process will get a bit messy, so you’ll want to move as quickly as you can to ensure that you don’t get any of the poison in your mouth.

Press All Of The Poison Out

After you have popped the abscess, then it’s time for you to start pressing all of the poison out of it. You can do this by applying pressure to both sides and pushing any gunk that is inside. If the abscess was really overflowing, then you may not even have to apply pressure and the poison will simply start to flow out on it’s own. In either event, make sure that you do this over a sink so that you can drain the abscess out into a clean area.

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